What to Choose: Music School or Self-Study?

Before you ask yourself this question, make sure you know exactly what you need music for.

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If you are already over twenty and you want to play on the same stage with famous pianinsts in the future, then you should know that most of them began to study and practice music from an early age. And just like that, if you follow all the great masters of musical culture, whether they are composers or performers, everyone began to show interest in music from early childhood. But do not rush to get upset, because there are exceptions in the history of musical literature. For example, Aram Khachaturian began to study music late - only at the age of 19. Prior to that, he improvised, picking up different melodies by ear. But by the age of 30, the composer became known to the entire Soviet Union, and a little later - to the whole world! So know that age is not a reason to refuse to learn something new.
So, let's talk about learning formats.
The first and leading is, of course, studying at a music school. The deadline for accepting a child to the piano department is 9 years (depending on the school, this figure may vary). So, if you are a parent of a young talent who really wants to play an instrument, then the choice in favor of the school is obvious. And it does not matter whether he will be a great performer or just improvise in a circle of friends - a musical education will not hurt anyone. The advantage of such education is its complexity. At school, in addition to the main instrument, the child studies such subjects as solfeggio, choir, musical theory, musical literature, which allows the future musician to develop in many directions. And if you are already a little (or much) over 20 and you have a great desire to learn how to play the piano, then we have good news for you. Many music schools have evening courses for adults and those who are already late for the classical curriculum ~ 12 years old and up. Also in many cities there are music schools or studios for adults, where everyone who wants to learn how to play, sing and even improvise is accepted. The advantage of this format of education is its focus on adults. That is, if in childhood you missed the opportunity to study at a music school, then right now you can fulfill your old dream. And do not be afraid to try, because everyone has talent.
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Another form of education is a tutor or a private teacher. The beauty of this variety is that the teacher can come to your house (if you have a tool), you create a convenient schedule for you, a purely individual approach. This form is suitable for both adults and children. The only negative is that, in the end, you do not get any kind of graduation certificate, but the knowledge, skills and abilities will remain with you forever.
And, of course, self-learning cannot be overlooked. In general, this form of learning in the musical field, namely playing the instruments, is very difficult, unless you have at least basic theoretical knowledge. Well, unless you're a genius. However, there are many different sources of information on the Internet, video lessons, various recordings of open lessons that will also help you learn the basics of musical art. And, of course, books, textbooks, tutorials in which everything is spelled out very clearly. But it requires a lot of perseverance, patience, because not everything works out the first time. Also, piano lessons should be systematic, so without the proper attention of a mentor, it will be more difficult to go this way.
And remember, it's never too late to learn something new and develop. The main thing is to want! And one more fact: everyone, even the most famous and accomplished singer and performer, has a mentor or teacher who leads him on such a beautiful, but difficult path. Therefore, do not neglect professionals who can help you in mastering musical instruments.





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