Types of Pianos and How To Pick It For You

Pianos can be roughly divided into three categories based on size and sound quality:

- Piano

- Grand Piano

- Digital piano


Each of these pianos has its own unique features, designed to suit the needs of the individual pianist, but there is one undeniably common feature. All these musical instruments are very complex mechanisms. 

A piano (an upright piano) is so called because of the arrangement of the strings and the soundboard. They are located perpendicular to the ground, hence the name "vertical piano".

Hammers on an upright piano must strike horizontally to hit the vertical strings. The mechanism between pressing the key and hitting the hammer on the string is not the same as in a grand piano, so playing the upright piano is a little different.

A piano has shorter strings and a smaller soundboard than a grand piano, so the sound is not so deep. Actually, the need to reduce the size of the musical instrument was the reason for the appearance of this type of piano.

Upright pianos usually have a height of 43 in to 53 in, a width of about 61 in and a depth of 23 in, and the height is the main difference between the models.


 Grand Piano

A grand piano is the largest and most expensive type of piano. The piano's soundboard is arranged horizontally. This allows you to use much longer strings and a larger deck area.

The mechanism of a grand piano is very different from the mechanism of an ordinary piano, as the strings are arranged horizontally and the hammers return to their original position under the action of gravity. The sound of the piano is richer, you can play faster melodies on it and better control the sound volume. That is why grand pianos are most often used by professional musicians. It is the pianos that we see in all concert halls.

The visible size of the keys is the same for both a piano and a grand piano. But the piano key enters the body much deeper than the piano key. Such a feature of the design gives the pianist more opportunities to control the dynamics and timbre of the sound.


The standard width of a grand piano is about 1.5 meters. The length varies from 1.5 to 3 meters. Even the smallest grand piano requires an area of ​​at least two meters in width and 3.5 meters in length, including a place for a banquette. To determine the length of the grand piano, it is measured from the front of the keyboard to the farthest end of the case. Measurements of the instrument are carried out with the lid closed.


Digital piano

A digital piano can be very similar to a grand piano in terms of sound quality, but the mechanism, of course, is completely different. Instead of a hammer hitting a string, when you press a key on a digital piano, a sensor is activated and a sound recording is played through the speakers.

Digital pianos can have several options for recording each note, which are played at different volumes depending on how hard or soft you play.

It is also very often possible to choose different versions of musical instruments, mainly keyboard ones, in a digital piano. It can be a piano, a concert grand piano, a harpsichord, and even an organ! In addition, some models are equipped with a recording function, and different ready-made recordings of different works can be stored in their own memory, which they can play automatically. Digital pianos are smaller in size and much lighter. There are models with a full-size keyboard of 88 keys, and there are models with a shortened one with 66 keys. In order to play, the digital piano must be connected to an outlet. But there are models that work on batteries.


What instrument should a beginner pianist choose?

If you are just starting to learn music and learn to play the piano, both an upright piano and a digital piano will suit you well. Everything depends on the availability of free space in the house.

Grand piano - the choice of professional musicians, musical "gourmets". If your "romance with a piano" works out, and there is enough space in the apartment, then you can also buy a grand piano.

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