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Piano Lamps come in all sizes and shapes. Besides looks and cost, remember to consider the amount of light a piano lamp throws. Perfectly Grand carries piano lamps that give off the equivalent of 40 to 120 watts of incandescent light. Any Perfectly Grand piano lamp that is a fluorescent or halogen, has bulbs included and we supply incandescent and compact flourscent bulbs at below regular retail prices. Perfectly Grand piano lamps come in brass, black, nickel and in all combinations.

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Expert Piano Lamp Advice For Over Twenty Five Years!

When it comes to helping people choose piano lamps, we are so happy that you are shopping with us.  Since 1995 Perfectly Grand customer service has specialized in understanding every element of the designs and features of House of Troy piano lighting. 

  • Did You Know Clamp Lamps are Only for use on Grand Pianos?

  • Which Lamps are Specially Designed Only for Tall Upright Pianos?

  • Want Special LED Replacement Bulbs for Your Piano Lamps? 

  • Always Classic - Marble Lamps for Grand Pianos

Do You Have A Grand Piano or an Upright Piano?

If you have a grand piano you need to consider whether you want to put a clamp lamp on your music desk, or whether you would prefer an elegant marble or streamlined LED floor lamp specifically designed to sit off the side with a long arm holding the shade right over your music.

If you have an upright piano you need to determine your piano height so that you can pick a piano lamp with features your height of upright will really need.

What Size Upright Piano Do You Have?

If you have an upright piano you need to determine whether your piano is SHORT, MID SIZED, or TALL.

Here is how to determine your Upright Height:

  • Short Uprights, include spinet models or pianos that are approximately waist height,
  • Mid Sized Uprights, including console models, which are approximately shoulder height
  • Tall Uprights, These include Yamaha U1 models, and typically are around 48”-50” in height

Why Is Your Upright Piano Size Important?

Short Pianos, like Spinets, Need Specialized Upright Piano Lamp Styles

Small uprights often have the music stand so that it sits about 3” above the top of the piano top that it leans on, you need a lamp can arch up tall enough so that it’s shade can be positioned over and down from behind the music over the top of the music itself. 

Mid-Sized Upright Pianos Need Piano Desk Lamps

Because a console piano more often has the music stand ending about 8 inches below the top of a console height piano, you do not need the same type of angulation of the lamp neck.

Tall Uprights Require Specialized Piano Lamps

Our very favorite tall upright lamp is the P14-250-617 stands out like an elegant tuxedo with it's snazzy black and brass highlights - especially fantastic on today's high gloss ebony pianos.  Notice the short heavy base, which weighs about six pounds or so, and the short articulation of the neck which is designed to jut straight out only an inch parallel to it’s own base, so that the shade can be held out at an angle from the top of the piano and not be too far away from the music.  It is a bold design with total task in mind.  The P14-250 is the exact same lamp style but there is no black, it is all a gleaming polished brass - here is a link to both these styles for your tall upright piano.

Grand Piano Counterweight Lamps

Often known as the icon of piano lighting, the classic marble and brass bases of the P10-190-M weigh about eight pounds.  This weighty base is a small footprint, perfectly sized to perch on the side of the music desk while the 32” arm holds the shade directly over your sheet music.  

The Grand Piano Floor Lamp – A Counterweight Alternative

Some people cover their pianos when not in use, and the additional burden of taking a piano lamp on and off when using a cover can quite deter one from having one.  But the floor lamp using the long adjustable straight arm ending in a 10” tubular and adjustable shade make this a great piano floor lamp.  The lamp is also useful in certain reading room situations as well.

Grand Piano Clamp Lamps

The piano lamps that are designed for a grand piano first are differentiated by whether they are clamped to the music stand or designed with a very specific footprint and arm length to work as a counterweight lamp that sits on the end side of the piano key area.  These are the GP14-61, GP14-7, GP14-81, or you can see the sleek GPXL-617 or GPXL-22-61 styles.  For LED varieties of Grand Piano Clamps lamps check out the GPLED19-61, GPLED19-617 styles.

The Work Horse Piano Lamp - GP14

We call House of Troy’s GP14 the Work Horse, because it is by far the best grand piano light for the best price.  The fourteen inch wide shade gives room for two 25 or 40 watt bulbs, a total of 80 watts of incandescent light ilumination even wider than the fourteen inch brass lamp shade. Available in polished brass (GP14-61 for the #61 finish), in black (GP14-7 for the #7 finish), or in mahogany bronze (GP14-81 for the #81 finish.  The GP14 is a classic adjustable gooseneck lamp that clamps to the grand piano music stand, very stable, that has a metal clasp which is specially designed and lined with heavy felt lining so as not to mar the fine piano finish.  The GP14-81 in Mahogany Bronze is considered ideal for walnut or brown wooded pianos, as the brown tone shade blends seamlessly in with such a distinguished piano finish.

The Elegant Eletek – A Slim Line Clamp Lamp

Styled much differently but working in the same manner as the other clamp lamp, the PG Eletek is a House of Troy GPXL style.  We have sold this modern grand piano lamp to musicians since our first print catalog in 1995.  It comes either in polished brass or in a matte black finish with polished brass accents. Now we are tremendously pleased to tell you that we have wonderful, incandescent art light quality  led replacement bulbs for the GPXL piano lamps.  Rated a warm white led bulb, these LED2.5w replacement light bulbs are 2700K color temperature and we are very familiar with their high quality ilumination from the picture lights and art lights that we sell for House of Troy as well.  Even more wonderful, while these LED2.5w light bulbs stay cool to the touch they have a bit more brightness than their incandescent cousins. 

The Led Alternative Piano Clamp Lamp

There is another LED piano lamp for grand pianos.  This one is also a clamp lamp, but the bend in its neck is not flexible.  The led lights in the shade are not replaceable, but the led light that emanates from the shade lights the sheet music with its full spread of a 19” wide shade the light can easily light up 2 sheets of music and the piano keys.  This is a popular style and stays LED cool to the touch.  These are the GPLED19-61 and GPLED19-617.  These styles have "sister styles" that work for upright lamps as well, especially great for piano studios that have both grands and uprights in the same room for matching purposes.

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