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Piano Covers Custom Made To Order Per Your Make & Model

Our piano covers have been popular for over twenty five years because they are made to fit around the unique curves of your grand piano, or the proportions of your upright piano.

Our unique internet order system has most of the 1500 makes and models of pianos that we have templates of.  If you have a piano model that is not on that list please contact our Customer Service so that we can send you directions on how to make a template for us.  We do not make generic covers and each cover is made to order so that your fabric choices, option choices, embroidery choices, are all hand sewn per your request.  For over twenty five years we have sewn custom covers, one grand piano cover or upright piano cover at a time.

Fabric Choices To Suit Piano Situation

We offer choices of fabric and here is why: different fabrics work better in different situations.  If your piano gets moved a lot, it needs a quilted cover, but if you want to protect from sun or dust there are the non-quilted options.

Macintosh Dustcovers:  If you simply want to protect your piano from dust or fingerprints, pet dander, or sun, then our high quality vinyl piano covers or our nonquilted macintosh canvas covers will due just fine.  In fact, the Macintosh canvas cover is sometimes called a ‘dust cover’.

Vinyl Piano Covers:  Our vinyl piano covers are made from is a vinyl topcoat which is melded to a super-soft backing.  This soft contact layer ensures the perfect finish protection, and, together with  the seams, allows for breathability as well.  Available in black vinyl (our most popular color as most pianos are black), or brown, burgundy, tan or white vinyl.

Heavy Duty Quilted Macintosh Covers:  These are a high grade custom heavy quilted cover with a highly durable but good looking macintosh canvas fabric as a topcoat.    If your piano gets moved on a dolly from room to room, as is common in church school piano situations, you need a quilted cover.  If you piano exists in a very high traffic or high risk area like a school or public venue, a restaurant or bar, a church or community center, or a busy piano studio, then kyou most definitely need a mackintosh quilted cover.

Premium Quilt Piano Covers: Premium Quilt Covers can come in either Black or Brown.  Wood colored pianos look great in Brown Premium Quilt.  It is a very dark brown.  If your piano is in your home but you are gravitating towards a quilted cover, then you most likely will love a premium quilt cover, and here is the reason why:  The premium quilt has a stiffer topcoat than the Standard Black Quilt, so it is slightly water resilient and can be wiped down with a very slightly dampened cloth to take off dust and house pet hair and dander.  Also, this fabric has a good body, so it looks more crisply tailored than the Standard Black Quilt. 

Quality & Custom Choices Take Time

Currently the make-by times are still average, about 10-12 days in line and being made.  Embroidery can add a week to wait time.  Thank you for appreciating the time that quality takes to make!

Embroidered Covers

Most of our piano covers can be embroidered either on the front and center of the keyboard (both upright and grand pianos) or on the right side of the grand (generally centered in the small of the curve). 

Our Embroidery Thread Colors are Gold, Silver, White, Pink, Yellow, and Blue.  You can choose to embroider in the front and center of the keyboard area, or the Right Side.  Call Customer Service if you want to have BOTH front and right side embroidered – sometimes pianos that go on the road to different venues even have the left side embroidered because they never know which part of the stage the piano will be on.

What do We Embroider?

We embroider the Maker of the Piano (the name written on the center of your keyboard) which is what is paid for by our regular $85 embroidery fee. 

Famous makers are Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Baldwin, Kawaii, Kohler & Campbell, and many more.  If your piano’s maker logo is unusual please contact us prior to your order so that we can confirm what the embroidery template we have.  This will ensure your expectations are met. 

Custom Embroidery

 – For anything other than Piano Makers (like Steinway or Yamaha), our embroiderers have to quote embroidery requests individually.  One of our favorite custom requests was embroidering the first three words of the tune a musician was playing when our customer proposed to his pianist girlfriend – sorry we can’t say what they were!

Catchy phrases from popular songs by artists do make great embroidering choices.  Piano music comes in many flavors, but embroidering the words from popular songs adds universal appeal to your cover, especially if it is a gift.  Many church musicians use phrases from their favorite hymns to embroider along the size of the church piano covers.  There are many wonderful ideas for memorializing the love you have for music, your piano, or your pianist!

Custom Shape & Size Covers – Anything with Five Sides!

We have taken some interesting Custom Covers orders in the past, such as covers for X-Ray Security Stations at the Super Bowl one year.  But yes, if you need a piano-shaped or box-shaped object covered, please give us a call. 


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