Piano Bench Cushions

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Piano Bench Cushions Help Your Kids Practice More!

It is really true, comfort is important when you are learning!  Why not order a custom made cushion that fits your bench size and we will make it for you in a color you choose.  If you can match the tone of your room, the beautiful piano cushion will work with your sofa, as part of your furniture.  And on top of that your family can practice their piano music in comfort. 

We Make Piano Bench Cushions to Order

Face it, the piano industry is a very old fashioned place.  Cushions and piano covers are all made to order because of all the different piano types and shapes there are.  It simply isn’t possible to predict what combination of choices our customers make!  At this point the timelines are fairly predictable, but some fabrics have been discontinued lately.   We can send color swatches if you contact us.

Choice of Two Styles

The traditional upright piano bench pad is at least an inch thick.  For years we have offered two different styles of piano bench cushion styles; the tufted or the welted (or rolled edge).  The fabric is always the same type of polyester weave and offered in the same color choices.

Three Choices: How Much Height Do You Need

The fabric is a sturdy polyester and the foam padding is the same as the one inch piano bench pad, whether you get it in two inch thick or even three inch thick foam padding.  The relative stiffness of the bench pad cushion is reflected in the thickness height of foam that you select.  The three inch cushion is so stiff that you really might find it too high.  We recommend that you have at least seven inches of clearance between the bottom of the keybed and the top of your legs.

Booster Cushions

At two inch and three inches thick the foam is not the same as memory foam or mattress but it is durable for years of pillow perfect, durable, comfortable use.  We also designed half-sized and full-sized booster cushions – while originally meant as a height helper for younger piano students, the booster cushions can be used in a wide array of seating circumstances.  If booster cushions are used with other furniture then their usefulness is manifold – a gift only a pianist would know to give! [We know a lot of people who want to buy something unusual for the piano player in their lives as well!]… great for people who have children, grandchildren, or teach.  Booster cushions are also fabulous and fashionable for your church pew, and to bring a young child too big for a high chair to join the family in the dining room on special occasions!

A Custom Cushion Maker For Your Whole Home – Window Seats, Benches, & Pews

We also make custom cushions to your order, with a price per square inch pricing formula.  Customizations can be with or without ties, larger than regular size.  These can be used as one of a kind window seat cushions or used on indoor picnic benches to bring in a sense of warmth and wonder while “bringing the outdoors in” as is popular in seasonal climes during winter.  Contact Customer Service for size limitations and pricing.

How Do Cushions Attach to The Piano Bench?

The cushions are fastened to the bench by two sets of fabric ties that are sewn very well with rolled edges and even seams.  The ties pass through the bench music compartment hinge.  Booster cushions can be made with or without ties, and in half sizes as well for the entire bench  or single seat raised for students.  Each cushion is well made, made-to-order, one-at-a-time, not mass produced, using a method that is time-tested.  An interesting thing is that these piano bench cushions are always great to sit on because they keep their softness year after year.  But they also never show an indent or any sign of wear.  Their softness is pillow perfect but it doesn’t soften their shape.    

We do not currently offer piano cushions or booster cushions upholstered in vinyl or leather, but every cushion fabric is offered in a choice of colors.  All cushions are for indoor use, as they are not for outdoor furniture.

A grand Yamaha piano fully suited out with a Jansen piano bench (see the wood topped bench here) would not be remiss to sport a custom piano bench cushion that blends into surroundings. Or perfectly expresses how you feel about your favorite of musical instruments. 

Solid Colors or Limited Quantity Tapestry Cushions

There are seven choices of color in the solid color woven polyester fabric.  These colors are available as swatches if you want to choose or see them for yourself before you order.  Some colors are classic, like Shiraz, Black, Pewter (goes well with stainless steel surroundings), Off White, Beige, Mahogany, Walnut, Ocean Blue.

Still popular, we do have several classic tapestry fabrics that are based on classical art featuring musical themes.  While some of the old favorites have not been replaced, there are still a limited quantity of tapestry patterns which can still be made with your color choice of backs and ties. 

Thoughts About Color Choices for Your Piano Bench Cushion 

Many people keep it simple by ordering black piano bench cushions for their ebony pianos.  This is a great choice from a design perspective because it softens an edge without disrupting entirely as contrasting seat cushion color does. 

On the other hand, contrast can be amazing, and keyboards themselves are starkly black and white.  The classic piano with a burgundy (or shiraz) colored cushion and a rose or two on the keyboard became a classic precisely because of the black, white, red – merging together they spark stark and powerful contrasts. If you have a very neutral tone approach a fabric like our pewter gray mimicking sheen like stainless steel can have a soothing impact.   

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