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Take a step-by-step video tour of the piano buying process.
From "what to avoid" to "how to negotiate" - great examples, animation and information to help you avoid EXPENSIVE mistakes.

Video 1:  How Long do Pianos Live and What Kills Them
(why that used piano you're looking at might be junk)

Video 2:  Piano Models - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
(what piano models you should stay away from)

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Video 3:  To Buy New or Used - That is the Question
(save $ by comparing pricing, financing, maintenance costs, moving, and a lot more)

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Video 4:  New Pianos - Ratings are What it's All About
(find out the real prices, ratings and what you should never say to a salesman)
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Video 5:  Used Pianos - How Old is Too Old
(where to find good used pianos, how age and size effect price, basics on reading ads)
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Video 6:  Into the Lion's Den - Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open
(choosing the best piano, negotiating with salesmen and private sellers)

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