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Measurement "A"

Measurement "B"

Measurement "C"

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Print Out Diagram at bottom of this page to Obtain Measurements A, B, C, D, E, F

Height of Upright (Measurement "A") Affects Price as Follows:
34” – 40” – $169.95 (the base price)
41” – 47” – adds $28.00
48” – 52” – adds $35.00
53” plus – adds $42.00

All covers have FREE SHIPPING!

About Our Vinyl
Our vinyl non-padded piano covers are practically impervious to liquids and excellent against dust, dirt, pet hair and minor trauma. Breathable at each seam, vinyl is hands down the easiest material to clean - just a quick wipe and you are done. Construction is a vinyl topcoat which is melded to a super-soft backing.  Available in black, brown, burgundy, tan and white.

Split Back/Closed Back (add $60)
***A general rule of thumb is that if you are going to take the cover on and off more than twice a week you will greatly appreciate choosing the split back option!***
You have a choice of either having a split back, which makes it easy to pull a cover on or off and, also allows a little room for a stool or bench; or a closed back which is a snugger fit. Closed backs are usually fine with smaller uprights, but split backs are usually preferred for taller uprights.  A Split Back makes it easier to put the cover on and pull it off. Our upright covers normally come with a closed back, the split back option is recommended for pianos that will be covered and uncovered frequenty.  If the piano will be covered for long periods of time the split back option is not necessary.  Because of the extra fabric and the extra seams the split back option does raise the cost of the cover.

Optional Embroidery (Add $90):
Piano names (Yamaha, Steinway, etc.) can be embroidered (on uprights) on front of cover centered above the keys. Lettering is 2" high with your choice of thread colors: gold, silver, white, pink, yellow or blue.

For custom embroidery (anything other than piano brand names) call 802-635-0005 for pricing.

Remember, vinyls are NOT designed for more than 2hrs/day of DIRECT sunlight - in this case, please see our MacIntosh, Quilted or ask our technician about special Peerless Custom Covers.


Ensuring a Proper Fit
Upright pianos can have very different measurements. To make sure your cover fits perfectly, print out the measurement chart and follow the directions. Remember to double check all your measurements*. After you fill out the chart, transfer to information to the fields above and place your order we'll get started on your cover right away.

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If you have any questions please email our piano cover expert at: [email protected]

*Customer is responsible for submitting accurate measurements


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