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Oscar Peterson Interactive

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Oscar Peterson Interactive is rated 4.55 out of 5 based on 22 ratings.
Meet this giant of jazz and explore his music like you never could before. Includes 8 live audio recordings, 10 MIDI note -for-note transcriptions (200 printable pages), 6 rare video performances and over 100 rare photos from Oscar's private collection. Complete discography. Over 2 hours of Oscar talking about his life and music. All transcriptions can be slowed- down, sped-up, transposed and looped. Cutting edge presentation technology. The perfect gift!! HEY - DON'T FORGET THE OPTIONAL BOOK & AUDIO CD. Book of 18 full-length note-for-note transcriptions (same as CD-ROM) of selected songs from 1947-'95 plus audio CD. 70mins. CD & BOOK SELECTIONS AS FOLLOWS: Blues for Big Scotia; Chicago Blues; Hogtown Blues; Hymn to Freedom; Nightingale; Night Time; Place St. Henri; The Smudge; Blues Etude; Blues of the Prairies; Gay's Blues; Greasy Blues; Kelly's Blues; Oscar's Boogie; R.B. Blues; Riff Blues; Ron's Blues; and Texas Blues
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