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Macintosh Grand Piano Cover - Free Shipping

$164.95 and up

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** ONLY BLACK Macintosh Fabric Is Available!**

**We Are So Sorry, the BROWN Macintosh Fabric Currently Not Available!** 
**Brown Macintosh Covers Can Not Be Made at This Time**
**This Notice is as of March 2021**  
** Please choose another fabric, or call us for advice for a cover to best suit your piano's situation!!**

While our covers are priced by the foot, we make each cover to your specific make and model piano - If your piano doesn't have a make or model number follow the directions below or if you have any questions – please email us: [email protected]

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Our regular Macintosh non-padded piano covers are perfect for homes and low traffic areas.

Great for everyday protection against dust, dirt and minor trauma - breathable and lightweight. Macintosh material is a cotton canvas that is melded with a water resistant adhesive to a soft backing. Available in black or brown.

All covers have FREE SHIPPING!

Optional Features:

Optional Full-Length Skirt (Add $90.00): Our covers normally stop 1" below the bottom rim, a Full-Length Skirt extends the cover the rest of the way to the floor. This is option is perfect when you want to protect the legs and lyre as well as the body and lid of the piano.

Optional Split Sides (FREE): Split sides are hemmed slits that go from the bottom perimeter to the top perimeter in line with the front/main lid hinge. This allows the cover to be easily folded back if you are playing the piano with the cover on.

Optional Embroidery (Add $90.00): Piano names (Yamaha, Steinway, etc.) can be embroidered on either the right front side or above the keys. Lettering is 2" high with your choice of thread colors: gold, silver, white, pink, yellow or blue. For custom embroidery (anything other than piano brand names) call 802-635-0005 for a quote.

** Having trouble figuring out the model number of your piano? No problem, just follow the directions below and put the overall length of the piano in the model field - we'll figure out the rest.

* Having trouble figuring out the length of your piano? We measure pianos with the lid down. Pull the tape measure from the back of the lid (farthest point away from the pianist) and pull it to where the pianist sits - do not angle the tape measure when it leaves the lid over the keys - keep it in the same plane and eyeball the measurement to the part of the piano closest to the pianist.

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