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House Of Troy GPLED19-7 Black LED Clamp Lamp Perfectly Grand

Code: GPLED19-7

House Of Troy GPLED19-7 Black LED Clamp Lamp Perfectly Grand is rated 4.50 out of 5 based on 7 ratings.

House of Troy GPLED19-7 Black LED Clamp Lamp with free ground shipping.  This black and brass LED piano clamp lamp delivers yellower light that rivals incandescent bulbs - no more blue light! And, with its bright LEDs that don't strain the eyes, this lamp gives plenty of light at 1/10 the energy cost of an equivalent 60watt incandescent bulb.

This is a satin black and brass lamp with a 19" long shade that holds an array of LED bulbs rated for 20,000hrs of use - that's approximately 10 years (20hrs/weekly)! The shade is moderately adjustable, allowing you to aim the light towards the music. Combine this feature with the 8" tall arm (above the clamp) and you can illuminate even the tallest piece of sheet music.

Incorporating our "never-scratch" felt bracket-within metal bracket design, the clamp can be used on music desks up to 1.5" thick. The lamp has a 10' long black cord with the switch on the cord.

House of Troy's limited lifetime warranty makes this lamp an incomparable value!

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