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House of Troy Black GP14-7- with Free Ground Shipping

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House of Troy Black GP14-7- with Free Ground Shipping is rated 4.17 out of 5 based on 9 ratings.
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The "Work Horse" of Piano Lamps

We've sold thousands of these over the last two decades and never had a return.  Made in the USA by House of Troy (Model GP14-7) this clamp lamp gives a lot of light at an inexpensive price!    The most light you can put on your music, in an affordable, good looking style.

The lamp straddles the music desk with a soft inner clamp whose grip is tightened by two thumb screws that you adjust from the back of the rigid metal outer clamp. Absolutely nothing to scratch your instrument and the light is right on the music!


  • 120 Watt capable fixture using (2) T10/60 Watt (or 40 Watt) Bulbs (not included)
  • 10" Gooseneck Shines Light Exactly Where You Need It
  • 14" Moveable Shade Means a Large Coverage Area!
  • 10 Foot Cord
  • Don't forget bulbs!


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