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Grand Piano Triple Caster Dollies

Code: P5447

Grand Piano Triple Caster Dollies is rated 4.34 out of 5 based on 44 ratings.

Our Grand Piano Triple Caster Dollies for Round Leg Pianos (wheels made of hard rubber) are perfect for occasional moves over smooth, hard floors. These dollies (3 to a set) fit into the bottom of each piano leg, keeping the piano at the same height while taking the place of your standard piano caster and giving your piano more mobility economically.

This product is not recommended for use with pianos over 6' length
Should only be used on smooth wood or hard surface floors (no carpet).
Should only be used for occasional use over short distances.

Hard rubber wheels are 1 inch wide
Center pin is 1 3/4" high and is removeable
Diameter of pin is 1/2"
Inside diameter of cup is 4.25"
Overall height of caster is 4 4/8"

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CAUTION: DO NOT use P5447 for frequent moves, moves over uneven surfaces or carpets, as piano legs may break - For this type of usage use either P5446 or P5442. Tri-Caster Dollies do not fit Yamaha C7E.

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