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Blues Piano 3-Video Set

Code: WB232

Blues Piano 3-Video Set is rated 4.55 out of 5 based on 11 ratings.

These three videos make it easy to learn and to play blues, boogie woogie or rock'n'roll piano! Each volume sells for $39.95. Video One-Beginning Blues Piano: With no written music to learn, and David Cohen's easy-to-follow instructions, even a beginner will be improvising blues riffs, and sound great doing it! Video Two-Learning Blues Piano: David covers theory, blues scales and improvisation techniques, shuffle and straight rhythms, endings, intros, turnarounds, and much more. Video Three-Expanding Your Techniques: Learn melodies, bass lines and chord progressions while absorbing theory, chord inversions, improvisational ideas, rythm patterns, exercises and other invaluable techniques. Video 1 and 2 are 60 mins, video 3 is 85 mins. Video 1 is a beginner level. Video's 2 and 3 are early intermediate to intermediate levels.

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