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Black and Brass Studio Piano Lamp - Free Shipping

Code: P14-250-617

Black and Brass Studio Piano Lamp - Free Shipping is rated 4.28 out of 5 based on 9 ratings.
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[Read More About Our T1060 - T10-60 Watt Bulb]

Made by House of Troy (model P14-250-617), this lamp is designed for studio and full upright pianos. As you can see, it is made to shine down from a height, straight onto your music and fingers. And, with a adjustment behind the shade (hidden) the light goes where you want it while keeping the light out of your eyes. Absolutely exquisite on black uprights.


  • Finish: Black with Polished Brass Accents.
  • Height: Adjusts from 0" to 8" High.
  • Shade: 14" Shade.
  • Lots of light - up to 120 Watts
  • Don't forget bulbs - takes (2) T10 bulbs - incandescent 40 watts  (not included). 
  • OR -  LED T1025 for $14.95 each (not included)
  • Base: 6" Round
  • Switch: On Base
  • Free Shipping!
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